Training Options

Offered by the SAFE Program

The SAFE Program has several options available to meet the training needs of your practice/organization. After reviewing the materials, feel free to contact us or complete a Training Request Form.

All training content can be modified to fit the needs of your agency, including the location for the training.

Professional Skills Training with Case Consultation

Your practice will learn to screen, evaluate and treat children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. Your staff will be trained in the assessment of Juveniles with Sexual Behavior Problems, Approaches to Treatment: How a practitioner could implement treatment topics, Collaboration with other systems (probation, CYF, other providers, etc), Treatment Goals and Review of Assessment Results, Rapport Building Activities, Treatment Topics, such as Sex Laws, CBT: ABCs of Behavior, Thinking Errors, Discussing the Problematic Sexual Behavior, Understanding How and Why Engaged in Problematic Sexual Behavior, Risky Sexual Situations, Relapse Prevention, Victim Empathy, Clarification/Disclosure to the Family, and Who to Tell about the Problematic Sexual Behavior and How to Respond. Youth with sexual behavior problems often have untreated mental illnesses and symptoms . Staff will also be trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the most common comorbid mental health problems: ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders, anxiety, and minor depression.

Our knowledgeable staff will discuss, review, and problem-solve new and ongoing treatment cases with your practice. We can provide case consultations to treatment clinicians, probations officers, and law enforcement on a biweekly or monthly basis with a SAFE program clinician. Individuals working with children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems can participate in case consultation and review sessions to discuss case progress, treatment needs, and treatment obstacles. We accept submitted audio and video recordings of treatment sessions in Spanish.

Case Consultation and/or Program Recommendations

Our staff will provide consultation services as described in Option A. Additionally, our staff can assist you in assessing and establishing or redesigning a mental health program for children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. This option provides a thorough review of staff resources, assessment of practice needs and structure, development of a community referral network, and implementation of an effective method to monitor client progress.

Please feel free to contact us or complete a Training Request Form. If you would like to spread the word about SAFE training or keep a reminder for yourself, a flyer is available for download.

Contracted Assessment and Intervention Services

SAFE can also contract with an agency or program to conduct specialized assessment evaluations with treatment recommendations and/or individualized treatment services. Our program welcomes the opportunity to serve as a resource to our community and other service providers.